How to mix:

Step 1: Locate and separate both the smaller 1mL ampule 'marked B12' and the larger 11ml BEPLEX FORTE MIC vial.

**Important – Please GENTLY score the neck of the small 1ml red ampule with a butter knife. Do this by laying the 1ml small ampule on a flat surface and GENTLY score (saw) the neck of the ampule a few times, while rotating to score the whole neck. Once scored, hold the bottom firmly and with a paper towel, grasp the neck of the ampule and snap it open in one motion. This will make opening it much easier, prior to step 2 below. Please DO NOT apply a lot of pressure to the 1ml B12 ampule, when scoring, as it may shatter.

Step 2: Slowly extract the B12 (opened small 1ml ampule) using the large syringe provided and inject it into the MIC (large 11ml vial).  Now use the same syringe to draw out 1ml to take your first dose.

* Take 1ml once to twice per week, intramuscularly, for best results.