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Dosage Instructions for Vitamin Injections

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All Vitamins

Fill syringe included in your package completely to the 1ml line.

Best results if used AT LEAST twice weekly (30ml vials will expire if not used 2x a week)

IM (Intramuscular Injection) Instructions

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Dosage Instructions for Vitamin Injections

All Vitamins:

Fill syringe included in your package completely to the 1ml line. Best results if used AT LEAST twice weekly (30ml vials will 

expire if not used 1x daily)

IM (Intramuscular Injection) Instructions 


The intramuscular route should not be used in cases where muscle size and condition is not adequate to support sufficient 

uptake of the vitamin compound. Intramuscular injections should not be given at a site where there is any indication of pain.


Intramuscular (IM) injections are given directly into the central area of selected muscles. There are a number of sites on the 

human body that are suitable for IM injections; however, there are three sites that are most commonly used in this 


Deltoid Muscle:

The deltoid muscle is the bulky muscle extending from the shoulder to the upper arm and can be used for intramuscular 

injections. Please review the diagram for accurate location of the deltoid muscle, and be sure that the muscle has 

significant bulk/mass for IM injection. 


Gluteus Medius Muscle:

The gluteus medius muscle is the third commonly used site for IM injections. See diagram for the correct location of 

injection. Determining which site is most appropriate will depend upon the patient's muscle density at each site, the type 

and nature of medication you wish to administer, and of course the patient's preferred site for injections.



Carefully remove the injection supplies that have been provided by DP Injectables. Place the correct vial and injection 

supplies on a clean dry surface. This should include the vial, alcohol prep pads, IM syringe with needle, and bandaid. Wash 

hands and the area to be injected well. Dry hands and injection site with a clean dry cloth. Carefully remove the top of vial, 

or if using a multiple use vial, wipe the alcohol prep pad to clean the rubber top of the vial. Remove the needle cap.  Hold 

the vial in one hand, and carefully push needle into rubber top. Turn vial upside down and pull syringe plunger until the 

correct amount of solution is in the syringe (1 ml). . Open the second alcohol prep pad, and clean the area to be injected 

well. Carefully thrust the syringe with IM needle into the muscle at a 90 degree angle. Holding the syringe with one hand, 

gently pull back on the plunger. If no blood enters the syringe, then it is safe to inject the solution. If a flash of blood is seen, 

then the needle may be in a small vein. Retry positioning in this case. Inject slowly and steadily until desired amount has 

been given. Remove needle, carefully recap the needle and discard into waste container. Place bandaid over injection site.